News notes:  It appears the storms have subsided, at least for the time being and we are using these dry days to start catching up on those backlogged roofs.  Please be patient, we are getting these set up and installed as weather permits.

Kitchens and baths are at a premium rush right now.  If you are looking to have one of these done before the holidays, we are taking orders now and still offering install prior to Thanksgiving….but we will be cutting this off shortly.
Don’t let the low interest rates slip by.  Home equity rates are at historic lows and for many folks the interest is deductible unlike other consumer loans that offer no tax break at all.  Consult your tax preparer if you’re unsure you will qualify.
Pricing….Dalco, like so many other companies has been able to hold the line on most remodel projects.  Like you, the consumer, we are starting to feel the pinch in some areas.  It is very likely we will have to seriously look at raising prices after the first of the year.  Add potential price increases, low interest rates and possible tax deductions and you are looking at some serious money that may not be available next year.  Don’t be one of the “wait-n-see’rs”, call for your free in home estimate.