The Elite Warranty

There is No Better Warranty than the Elite Warranty!

Dalco’s Elite Window system comes with the industry’s best owner protection policy — a Non Pro-rated, Transferable, Full Lifetime Warranty on all Moving Parts, Insulated Glass, Screen, Frame and Sash Components. This warranty even offers lifetime protection against glass breakage.

A warranty is essentially a mirror to the truth because it reflects how much confidence the manufacturer has in the quality of its own product. Therefore, only the best window systems receive the best warranties. Some warranties are for a “Limited” duration, do not fully cover every component, contain pro-rated terms and/or are not transferable to the next owner. Restrictions such as these demonstrate that the manufacturer is not 100% confident in the durability and longevity of the window system.

Since your peace of mind is important, make sure the windows you purchase are backed by a Full Lifetime Warranty that covers every single component (including glass breakage), offers Non Pro-rated terms and Transfers to the next property owner.  This is your assurance of the highest quality system.