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  Laser Level Entire Kitchens in Minutes


  Protects Granite from Cracking


Are the Front and Rear Levelers “independent” of one another? :
YES… Both the front and rear levelers have adjusting rods. 

~ The Front levelers are adjusted by the “small” adjusting rod. (see top left image)

~ The Rear levelers are adjusted by the longer rod… which slips through the front leveler. (bottom image)

Slippage or Rollback:
The EZ-Levels do not use any type of gears. They are designed as a “class one lever”. The cam is locked into place by the adjusting rod permanently… which means that there is no chance for roll back or slippage.

Do the “mounting screws” hold up my granite and cabinets? :
NO… The EZ-Levels were engineered to be “self-supporting” meaning the weight of the cabinet and granite would be held up by the levelers even without the screws. The only purpose for the mounting screws are to hold the levelers onto the cabinet during installation and to keep the levelers from shearing off while sliding the cabinets from side to side. That is why larger mounting screws are not needed.

Material & Finish:
The EZ-Levels are manufactured using high quality metals primarily used in tool manufacturing. Although our products have a corrosion resistant coating they are intended for indoor use just as a hammer or screwdriver.

Visibility :
Once the toe kicks are put into place… The EZ-Levels are completely hidden.