We apologize for any inconvenience our showroom remodeling has caused.  We are getting close…several of the new displays are in and ready for viewing.  Please stop by and see these new, beautiful displays.

Testimonials exhibited throughout our web site are from actual Dalco customers.  The “discussions” contained on this page are for general educational purposes regarding the products and services Dalco provides….in some cases these “discussions” are editorial in nature.  We hope you find all these videos helpful.

Our roofing expert answers a number of questions we are asked on a daily basis.  We hope this and our other videos regarding roofing help you in understanding this most important part of you home investment.

One of the most asked questions we’re asked about roofing is; “What is the difference between a 3 tab and an Architectural shingle”.  Doug is with us to describe the difference.

Venting your roof….methods and why it’s important.  

This video is an illustration of how to clean the exterior of our Elite 4000 double hung window, only.  Please use caution when releasing and lowering the sash frames and be sure to properly support them.  Only use a PH balanced window cleaner on all Dalco windows.  The use of a non PH balanced cleaner may harm the caulking around the window perimeter. 

Easy cleaning isn’t the only convenience or our Elite 4000.  Saving money….and who doesn’t like to save money.  In this video we use a heat source and meter to demonstrate how much energy is blocked by our Elite 4000.  How does this save me money???   Well, the Elite 4000 blocks harmful AV radiation that fades carpets, furniture and drapes; keeps the cold out during the winter and helps keep your home cooler in the summer.  And….it also helps reduce sound from those annoying trucks and cars going by.  Take a look.  This is not trick photography. 

Warranty and Service

We are Dalco Home Remodeling.

How do I care for my cabinets?>

How often do I have to seal my granite?

How long will you be on my job?

Pets and the Job Site

Personal Property and Remodeling

Remodeling Contracts and Oral Agreements

Ask Questions!

How to select a remodeling company.  A tough and even agonizing question many will face when owning a home.  


Tub Cover-ups….Doing it right the first time

We had a question the other day….Do you install over existing tubs? NO….When we’re asked to remodel a bath, I haven’t seen but a handful that didn’t need a complete tear out to the studs. Mold, rot, old leaking valves and pipes, rust and so on. Look at your bathroom….do you REALLY want to just cover it up.

How about, instead of changing your bed linens, you just go over the old dirty ones with clean sheets….or just put on clean underwear over the dirty ones…..YUK!

Go ahead; price this procedure and then get a quote on having it done right….you’ll be shocked and pleasantly surprised.  Dalco has been able to replace a tub and surround for less in every case we’ve been involved in.

Don’t be one of those who say to your friends, I wish I’d looked into this a little more.  Do it right and it much cheaper to do it right the FIRST time…..